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Training For The Hunt: The SheWolf Insiders' Guide to Building Your Best Business.

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Purchase the 2018 Bundle for access to all 12 courses, saving $15 per course, a total of $180.

**Each course is released on the 1st of the scheduled month, and not before.

  1. JANUARY 1: It All Starts With WHY: Building Your Brand’s Foundation
    1. Summary: Before you EVER start creative or talk to a designer or define your business name, you need to establish the foundation of your brand. That includes the values you stand on - Why you do what you do. This includes your own voice, and who you are talking to, the culture you identify with, and the adjectives you want to define your business.
  2. FEBRUARY 1: Brand Design: Now For The Fun Stuff -
    1. Summary: Once you have a solid idea of who you are, you can now communicate that to a designer to help define your visual brand, logo, colors, fonts, style, and execution. We will walk you through our own creative brief to prepare you for this first meeting
  3. MARCH 1: Real Talk: All the shit we wish someone had told us before we started our businesses, and what we’ve found to be most successful
    1. Summary: As you are starting to organize your process, operations, communications, pricing, and more, we want to share with you things we have found to be most successful and huge roadblocks we’ve encountered along the way, such as software and tools that have worked for us, contracts, intellectual property, and creating your niche.
  4. APRIL 1: Building Your Tribe: Creating Live Community Events To Engage Your Ideal Client
    1. Summary: Building community is key to your success. Using events as a sales funnel helps establish you as a thought leader, solidifies your brand, and forms relationships. Live events can be rewarding with ROI and build trust. So get out there.
  5. MAY 1: Strategy: Without it, you’re just pissin' in the wind
    1. Summary: You have a message and you want people to hear it. You can easily get lost in the day to day without a strategy to plan your content, as well as the marketing platforms and resources you will utilize. (Lauren’s summary suggestion: Great content should be relevant and meaningful, but one-off posts won’t build your engagement or credibility. Creating - and sticking to - a strategy builds on the why of your story, channeling it into measurable growth. We’ll get into best practices for platforms, resources, and calendars that’ll help your content stay cohesive, provide value, and kick some serious butt.
  6. JUNE 1: Taking the scary out of SEO
    1. Summary: To hire you, people have to be able to find you. SEO enhances your site and allows you to be found by the right people. Dannie and Amy will address all of the back end ins and outs you should look at with your site creation and content.
  7. JULY 1: Blogging; What’s all the hype about anyway?
    1. Summary: Piggy-backing off of SEO, Whether that’s generating new content or recycling old, giving yourself a voice is an important key to being found. Believe it or not, blogging works.
  8. AUG 1: Social Series 1, Facebook: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em
    1. Summary: So you want to manage your social pages yourself - Social Media is an art, from the algorithm to the ads, we will give you business page tips and tricks and address quality posts.
  9. SEPT 1: Social Series 2: How Instagram can get you the clients of your dreams
    1. Summary: Instagram is all about looks. As this platform continues to grow, we’ll show you how to grow with it. In this webinar, learn how to curate your feed, schedule posts, use the right hashtags, and utilize all of Instagram’s features to build your community and grow your brand.
  10. OCT 1: VIDEO: Tell Your Story, Create Loyalty
    1. Summary: Video is the highest engaged piece of content on digital channels. Marketing is storytelling and you can tell your story best and grab people’s attention through video. We will give you some creative ideas and what to cover as well as easy DIY video tips.
  11. NOV 1: Email Marketing: Tap into your customer's inbox with effective emails that provide real value
    1. Summary: People need to see or hear from you 7 times before they trust you. Showing up in their inbox is a great way to communicate and personalize their message. We will cover building your list, reporting, and creating consistently branded emails.
  12. DEC 1: Build Value + Being The BOSS
    1. Summary: As a creative service provider, you might be the head honcho on a team of ONE, but you should still be building value in your business. Having a 5 year, 10 year, 20-year plan can help you get organized for how your business will expand.



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