Shannon Waters

Shannon Waters has spent the last 10 years cooking at some of the most recognized restaurants in the country while simultaneously earning degrees from The French Culinary Institute of New York and a Masters in Restaurant Management with a finance focus from Cornell University. 

         Starting in Aspen CO’s legendary 5 star Little Nell, and moving on to renowned culinary institutions like Tennessee's Blackberry Farm all the way to highly acclaimed restaurants in New York City like Michael White's Michelin starred Marea, Shannon has gained experience at an amazing array of establishments. She has spent the last few years in San Francisco with the much loved NeTimeas Restaurant Group, working at both their flagship Flour + Water as well as Central Kitchen. She most recently opened Aatxe, NeTimeas’s latest venture where she quickly earned herself the title of Chef de Cuisine.

         Shannon’s background, drive and diverse experience with multiple food systems has propelled her up the tiers of competitive kitchens. From embarking on a farm with her family in Colorado, writing for Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm in NY, living in Bangkok and cooking in Thai kitchens, to building intimate relationships with a network of food growers in California she has truly rooted herself in the culinary world. 

         Giving back to her community as a mentor and teacher has always been a major part of Shannon’s life and with her prominent role in the San Francisco dining scene, she was able to build a platform of culinary learning for budding chefs of the city, hosting fundraisers for Bay Leaf Kitchen, teaching cooking skills to homeless youth at The Cooking Project and acting as a mentor at Oasis Center for Young Women. As a founding member of The Proof Collective, a women-run forum for the food industry, she has also created a space for her peers to support each other and be sounding boards for creative business ventures.

  Shannon is now taking a step away from her role as a chef to help aspiring restaurant owners take flight with her new company, Pilot Light Consulting. Focused on providing successful openings, Shannon and Pilot Light Consulting offer financial understanding, hiring strategies, menu development, product sourcing, and implementation of internal systems to allow a chef, kitchen, and restaurant to run smoothly in what is a nearly impossible industry to navigate. Having worked in restaurants and communities big and small from Colorado, to New York City and San Francisco Shannon brings a vast and diverse knowledge of experience to her clients. 


She has a few dens that she loves as visits equally! Aspen, Colorado, San Francisco, California, and Bozeman, Montana


Her fiancé Erik


Climbing, hiking, biking on snow, over sand, and long distance road, skiing, surfing, swimming, eating scary amounts for “research," drinking wine from Burgundy, bending societal norms, and making dinner with her dad.


Being told no, food with fake ingredients, vending machines, fast food, and stereotypes


“Work, work, work, work, work” - Rihanna