If you are in the hunt, there's no reason to do it alone.

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INVESTMENT: $99/mo or $999/year


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The SheWolf Collaborative started 2 years ago as an organization of creatives, strategists, artists, designers, writers, big-idea-nurturers and certified change makers.

We are opening up our pack to female CEO’s and Founders across the globe. This isn’t for everyone. This isn’t for those who have an idea, or want a side-hustle. There are plenty of boss lady groups out there for that.

This is for women making MOVES, women who are at the top, which can be a lonely place. We have heard from women all over the Nation, from the day we started, “we want a community, a trusted place to ask questions, vent, access people who can help us.”

So, we are creating that community.

(By “we” I mean our amazing founding members)


Here’s the deal: We have always been about collaboration versus competition. We have attended conferences, worked with coaches, attended courses, and met amazing organizations in support of female owned businesses along the way. Because of that, we get real about the things we feel are worth your time.

Once you are accepted into the pack, you will be able to view our Preferred Partners + Affiliate page in our online network. We are happy to make any connections.

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Launching in Q3 2019, the Alpha program invites women we idolize, those who have made it, have successfully exited business, Lenders and Venture Capitalists who want to work with woman-owned businesses. This is an opportunity for those that have made their way to the table without a community or a pack. Those that have advice, support, and lessons learned and are ready to pass it on. If you are interested in becoming an alpha, please contact us at wolfpack@shewolf.co with attention to Sharon Stark.