Pack Post: Shannon Waters

Hi there!

My name is Shannon Waters and I own and run Pilot Light Consulting that I launched less than a year ago. The business focuses on restaurant openings. We plan every single aspect from where power outlets will be, getting proper permitting, to sourcing local food, staffing the greatest chefs, and designing the silverware our guests will eat with. We strive to make sure there is no stone unturned and every problem is solved before the new restaurant owner even thinks of it. On top of that, we want each restaurant we open to be special, have longevity and make its individual mark within the community. It’s a lot. Just saying it is a lot and every day I am truly amazed I created a business out of something out of the vast tasks of openings!

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and business owners and I never thought of myself as a future business owner, but knew I was a strong leader. By the time I was pushed to the top of my culinary career, I had changed that mindset completely and knew that I would never call someone else my boss again- I was ready to follow the family tradition.

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Jordan Lacenski
Pack Post: Amy Falcione

Hello! Whether you’re one of my family members reading this (Hi Mom and E!) or you’re just curious about SheWolf pack members, welcome.

I’m Amy Falcione, a communications strategist and graphic designer living in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. 

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Amy Falcione
Pack Post: Alpha Intro

Well, hello there. Welcome to the "PackPost," a clever way to say "our blog." I'm Jordan Lacenski and I am going to tell you a little bit about me and how I became a SheWolf. Apart from Co-Owning SheWolf Collaborative, I own BrandBoss Creative, a boutique creative agency offering personalized marketing strategy, branding, consulting, and innovative solutions.  

BrandBoss is a brand house, a boutique firm offering every piece to the big brand puzzle to tell you story, communicate why you do what you do through your logo, artwork, social platforms, website, and communications. 

If you're saying: "What does that even mean?" Read On. If you're nodding your head like "Yeah, Yeah I get it..skip this next paragraph.

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Jordan Lacenski