The SheWolf Collaborative started 2 years ago as an organization of creatives, strategists, artists, designers, writers, big-idea-nurturers and certified change makers.

Laura Holloway + Jordan Lacenski CoFounded SheWolf with the idea that women working together can create legendary results.

Now, we are opening up our pack to female CEO’s and Founders across the globe. This isn’t for everyone. This isn’t for those who have an idea, or want a side-hustle. There are plenty of boss lady groups out there for that.

This is for women making MOVES, women who are at the top, which can be a lonely place. We have heard from women all over the Nation, from the day we started, “we want a community, a trusted place to ask questions, vent, access people who can help us.”

So, we are creating that community.




SheWolf would not be possible without our fearless leaders. We are incredibly thankful for the following inspiring women.






Here’s the deal: It took us over a year to decide to open this pack up to all female CEOs and Founders. Not because, we didn’t want a bigger, badder pack, but because we didn’t want to create something that has already been done. It’s no secret that there is a major conversation going on right now when it comes to women in our societies. Because of that there are more and more communities for women popping up. We have come a long way, but we have further to go. We created this because we saw a gap. We didn’t ask for a seat at their table, we made our own. And because of that, our table has different rules, and we are at the head of that table, with everyone sitting with us staring right at us, waiting to hear what happens next. It can be a lonely place at the top, so we created a place for US, with benefits that WE need.



First and foremost, the most important part of this whole thing is the pack, the people within the community. Having access to this highly-vetted network of females means that you can network out and UP, moving the needle of your business, and feeling less alone. There are a few really important aspects of our pack that differentiate us from everyone ones:

  1. Everyone in the pack signs an NDA meaning what you say in the pack, stays in the pack.

  2. This is for Founders and CEOs only, so you can guarantee that the women in this network can relate to you doing all. the. things. by. your. damn. self.

  3. We handpick your personal pack. Not only do you get to network with women across the globe, but you get a small tribe of ladies who are in a similar place in their businesses. You’ll be matched up with women who have a similar amount of employees, and a similar revenue level.



We are already driven, and we have goals. The problem is, we get wrapped up in the day to day of our businesses and we often get lost in the being efficient, but we aren’t effective. We put you in packs that get you, and can hold you accountable, with goal crushing strategies and updates on your next big moves.



Professional development is an ongoing process. You never stop training for the hunt. That’s why we have put together all of the resources that we love and then some. The benefit of the pack includes access to personal resources in fields we all need, such as marketing, branding, law, consulting, accounting, and more. Between our podcast, newsletters, online meetings, webinars, and resources page, we aim to cover all bases.



In addition to access to a circle of trust (backed up by legal agreements), we connect our networks of ALPHAS. Alphas are the people who have our backs, those who have gone before us, made their way to the top in a time when there was only one seat, those with huge reach, some with investment opportunities. Our Alpha program rolls out late in 2019.



Our annual retreats are catered to all things SheWolf spirit. We KNOW that you need time away from your laptop. You know that too, but you never give yourself permission to do it. Well, this is the recharging you need. When you work on you, you work on your business. So we combine all the business development you need with the most beautiful wilderness locations and activities that bring out the badass hiding inside. 2019 retreat details TBA.

In addition to our annual retreat, we have digital events, and “dens” where we have ambassadors and mama-wolves to get the local packs together.


  • Coworking days

  • Collaborative events

  • Discounts to programs facilitated by other organizations that we have personally vetted

  • Meetups

  • Dens

  • Your very own affiliate link that gets you and your accepted referral $100 off

  • A pump-up playlist

  • oh, and ZERO Bullshit


Skin in the game is important and value is unmatched. That’s why as our community grows, so will the investment. For those kicking things off with us in the beginning, we are offering a one time only early access program.

With membership pricing locked in for life at


  • You can choose to pay annually for 2 months free: $999/year

Once your application is approved, you will be directed to our platform for payment confirmation.


NEED MORE? Check out our PITCH.

Already sold?

People come and go in our lives, but you have a unique opportunity that starts today. You can choose to be a part of something greater than yourself and  make your future a meaningful culmination of your innate strengths and life’s experiences.

SheWolf is an action verb. It is for doers, participants, those who are willing to take the field, to play the game and to get bumped up along the way.

This is a new beginning for us both.

SheWolf will be the vehicle for you to take those lessons learned over a career and a life fully lived, to help others succeed.

Think of this as ecosystem for both your personal and your professional lives, providing you the opportunity and tools to own, direct, and control your destiny.

Leave a lasting mark on others. Teach them with your actions that excellence requires living on the edge. That treating others the way you wish to be treated is worth fighting for.

Plant your flag. Reach the summit. You are doing your life’s work, and you need a pack to “get you,” guide you, and help you grow.

This isn't just about networking. This is about business, and when women come together, when we collaborate, share our experiences, and support each other, the results are legendary. 

Those that commit to being a part of our tribe, agree to certain bylaws that protect everyone. We also aim to keep our culture collaborative and not competitive and for that reason, we have a serious application process to ensure you are a cultural fit, as well as being at a place in your business that is ready for this kind of pack.

Still Interested in Joining us?

We are launching our early access program January 2019. This will be an opportunity to lock in your pack membership rate of $99/mo or $999/year for life (pending you don’t violate any bylaws). There will be limited spots.

If accepted, payment instructions will be sent your way.




FIRST: Do you not consider yourself a CEO but you own an established business, do all the things and manage everything? Honey, You’re a CEO. OWN IT.

If that’s not you, Here’s the deal: We have found that there are tons of organizations for startups, for women who have side-hustles, and all that. This is for women who have to make BIG decisions. With that said,

  • if you have a business partner, you can still apply,

  • if you are a C-Suite member of your family owned business, you can still apply,

  • if you are a founder, you can still apply

  • If none of those sound familiar, we encourage you to reach out to us at wolfpack@shewolf.co and we can give you some more direction

Where do my dues go?

Our early access program is offered for a limited time, and limited spots at $99/mo or $999/year. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, then you aren’t willing to invest in your business. There are mastermind groups and other CEO memberships that cost upwards of $1,500 per month (it’s true, check it out). We are here to teach you about business while we treat this as a sustainable business as well. Our business is built on success and value. We overdeliver. As the pack grows, so will membership dues and membership perks. If you join at the ground level for this limited time offer, your dues go to the following:

  • Our platform hosting

  • Professional Services and Preferred Partners

  • Business Resources

  • Social Events

  • Discounted swag for you and yours

  • Sponsorships of non-profits or events that give back to the female community

  • The blood, sweat, and tears of our founding member team

  • Our GRANT program

The pack is built on trust and transparency. As a member, if you ever have any questions about our budgets, you are welcome to ask. Shoot us a note at wolfpack@shewolf.co and we’ll respond asap.


If you haven’t joined yet and you are thinking about a cancellation policy already, this might not be the best pack for you. This is an ecosystem of give and take and you get out of it what you put in it.

HOWEVER - life HAPPENS. We know that because we are on the same business ownership rollercoaster that you are.

That means you can CANCEL AT ANYTIME.

If you cancel your membership, you are still held to the NDA agreements you have signed and are not to share any information shared during your membership time. You must cancel by the 15th of the month to not be charged for the upcoming month. If you have paid annually, you will get a refund for the remainder of the months in your membership, starting with the next full month if cancelled prior to the 15th of the month.


We are creating virtual “dens” all over the place. We are a virtual network, connecting women all over the Nation, and eventually, the world. As the pack grows, so will area dens where we definitely encourage in person meet-ups!